QSC Global is a registered non-profit organization with the main objective of developing unity among the Muslim ummah. Alhamdullilah, Allah swt gave the members of QSC Global the tawfiq to punctually get together once a week and successfully hold the rope of Allah which is the Glorious Quran for the past 30 years. Because of this they are not divided. Thus unity is the greatest challenge as well as the greatest opportunity before us today.It is by the Grace of Allah that many years ago Agha Mohamed Hussain the founder of QSC Global from Hyderabad, India, was fortunate enough to attend a workshop at the MSA (Muslim Student Association) in the USA. He was inspired by their weekly group study sessions of the Qur’an. This inspiration lead to the birth of QSC
Global as presented in the following video :

“The Rope of Allah” of 13.56 minute duration.

The first “Quranic Study Circle” (QSC) was established in Hyderabad, in 1982 and by now are eight in India, one in Ottawa, Canada, and a recent addition in Chicago, USA. The discussions, through in-depth study and reflection over the verses of the Quran, have been a source of knowledge and wisdom to the members of these circles including the youth. Their testimonials bear witness to the effect this has had on them, the result of participating in the study of The Glorious Qur’an.

Hadith in support of QSC system:
Prophet Muhammad (p): "Get together and hold discussions. Such discussions refine your hearts. Hearts become rusty like swords and their refinement lies in academic and religious discussions".


Hyderabad, India


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