Rabbi Zidni Ilmah
My Lord ! Increase me in knowledge

Q : 20:114


The aim of Qur’anic Study Circles Global is to increase knowledge of the Glorious Qur’an so that through this knowledge we can stand as tall and unshakable, just as the tall trees stand upright even in the face of a cyclone.

Global harmony is needed in our times. We hope to move in this direction in stages. First, by establishing harmony within our own homes by starting the joint study circle with in the family, then within our neighborhoods, our cities, our nations, and finally globally. This should be Inshallah possible if we follow the verse 103 of chapter 3: “And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves . . .” But most of us hold individually and not together.

QSC Global - The Quranic Study Circles Global seek to hold to this rope of Allah with strength and all together, resulting in a reality that never divides us as explained in the menus “About Us” and “Session Format”.
Though you may be studying the Quran in groups, but the manner of studying is also important. 

1. Do you prepare notes and questions ahead of time as is expected in QSC Global sessions?
2. Do you rotate the Chairperson role among the members of the circle to develop leadership skills?
3. Do you encourage the youth to be the speaker as a presenter to development their scholarly abilities and their presentation skills to be useful in their future work environments?
4. When parents and children are both involved in the QSC sessions, family connections and communication are strengthened. Do you involve the children and the youth alongside parents in order to share Quranic knowledge as is seen in the following DEMO of a family circle in the USA that will give you an idea how a weekly joint study session is organized with the participation of parents and children that strengthens the bond in the family and as well uplifts the intelligence of children to be the toppers in their schools.


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