FORMAT OF WEEKLY SESSIONS for Joint Study of The Glorious Quran as a Circle applicable to those more than five members while less than five may study as they like with reference to the Tafaseer.

Circle: A group of believers getting together once a week for joint study of Quran is referred to as a circle. The circles may be of various following types:

Family Circle is private at homes limiting to the members of the family.

Community Circle conducts its weekly sessions is places of their choice. It could be in the Mosques or any place of their choice or in rotations as well.

ZOOM Circle is of participants from different places, cities and countries

Coordinator is one who initiates starting a circle.

Session is a joint study of The Glorious Quran in person or on Zoom once every week. The day, time and venue shall be decided by the Coordinator preferably as per the convenience of the majority of the members.

Venue could be at homes or mosque or different venues on rotation.

Chairperson and Presenter: The major participants of the sessions are the Chairman and the Presenter volunteered by the members. The chairman will administrate the session as per its Phases while the Presenter will present his researched commentary with references to the verses of the day.  

Portion of Study per session is one Section (Ruku), strictly in the order of the verses in the Quran. It takes about twelve years to complete the Quran at the rate of one section (ruku) per week. But the start with Sura-e-Hamd will be completed in three sessions, being the most important chapter of the Quran (Verse 1 to 3 / verse 4 and 5/ verse 6 and 7).

Phase 1: The session starts with the Chairperson reciting Sura-e-Fatiha. 

Phase 2: The Presenter presents his researched notes having worked for hours together in going through tafaseer. Such efforts of research, makes the youth members outstanding in their Education and Profession as you will see in their testimonials.

Duration = 30 minutes

Phase 3: Question & Answers:

Each member, starting from the right side of the Presenter may ask two questions(per member)strictly relevant to the presentation. All participants are expected to reflect upon the verses as homework and come prepared with questions and comments that could open the doors of knowledge.

The Presenter is expected not to answer questions that are out of his knowledge perimeter, while the Coordinator will later find its answer from a known Alim (scholar) and present it in the next session.

Duration = 15 minutes.

Phase 4: Individual’s comments for not more than 5 minutes per member, strictly relevant to the Verses of the day with reference to the Tafaseer (commentaries) or Ahadith.

Duration = 15 minutes.

Phase 5: The session concludes with the announcement of the Chairperson and Presenter of next session by the coordinator and recitation of the last verse of Sura-e-Baqara as Dua (supplication).

Duration = 15 minutes.

TOTAL Duration= 1 hour 15 minutes.

Dress code:

“O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: . . . . ”Q 7:31

The men participants are expected to wear long sleeve shirts or kurtas while the women should wear hijab with long sleeves dress.


Hadith in support of QSC sessions:

Prophet Muhammad (p): Get together and hold discussions. Such discussions refine your hearts. Hearts become rusty likes words and their refinement lies in academic and religious discussions.


  1. The presence of a scholar in the session is recommended if available in order to guide us whenever there might arise an inappropriate comment, which needs rectification.
  2. It is further recommended to refer Tafaseer (Commentaries) by scholars that should help us knowing varies views. There is no end to the English commentaries while following three are from among those on line.


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