QSC helped me fighting stage fear, and improved my
presentation skills, which is much required in corporate
Mohammed Alamdar Hussain:
B.E. Electronics
---------------------------- ------------------------------
When we sit in a group and discuss the meaning of the
verses, it improves our knowledge of what Islam truly is.
QSC is an amazing initiative and should be implemented
by everyone.
Taj Fathima : Student:
B.Com (International Business)
---------------------------- ------------------------------
When we read the holy Quran with commentaries and
discuss it in a group like that of QSC, it opens up our
mind and holy Quran's rays of light permeate into the
dark parts of our hearts and correlate with our present
life scenarios for guidance.
Asad Raza: MA (Economics) and
MCA: Master of computer applications.
---------------------------- ------------------------------
I have been attending QSC sessions since 17 years.
It removed my stage fright, enhanced analytical skills
and I feel that Allah (SWT) is always with me in every
Asghar Agha: M.tech-HVAC.

---------------------------- ------------------------------
Quranic Study Circle has enhanced my knowledge in Aqaed, Ahkaam, Tawheed, the aim of creating
this world and human beings. It has made me much clearer to set the priorities in life and what our
duties are towards the community.
Syed Humayun Ali Abedi:
Civil Engineer; Vice Principal, Focus High School, Purani Haveli Campus, Hyderabad.


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